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July 31, 2013

a whirlwind tour of post-Africa, August 2012 to August 2013

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Highlights of the fall and winter of 2012-3 include:

A canning party in Yardley, during which we put up preserved lemons, tomato chutney, and preserved figs, all in huge quantities:

canningA fun evening at the Watershed Fest:

4 at fest

The seventeenth (!) not-quite-annual wreathmaking party:

wreathAnd a reunion of my freshman-year roommates, forty-whatever years later (part of a huge mini-reunion of the class of “75)


I made my usual sojourn to the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in March, and as usual had a great time but was somewhat bummed out to do worse than last year (oh well, we can’t always improve). This was mitigated by my entry into a local tournament sponsored by Marbles (the Brain Store) in April, at which I came in third and had a chance to do the final puzzle on the board up in front  of everyone. I won’t say how many contestants there were, but it was more than four.


We also added two new pets to the family: another little guinea pig, finally named Chipotle:

chipotleAnd a chinchilla, just now named Godzilla:


So far, the summer has been spent enjoying friends and family at Mattituck, making nine flavors of jam, driving the girls to and from their jobs (Handy Pantry and King Kullen), and doing lots and lots of reading. What could be better?

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