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September 6, 2012

day 3 of the build

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Today the Habitat professionals–Lucas, James, and Vasco–worked on framing out the windows and building the slanted walls at the sides of the house. We got some grunt work–removing nails from (and scraping dried cement off) the boards that were used for yesterday’s concrete course:

so that these boards could be used again. Mostly they became parts of the scaffolding. They were transported, or course, on female heads:

We also got to build up the back wall of the house

and take many wheelbarrows full of dirt into the house for the subfloor

Notice Evan wearing winter clothing–he started off each day (when it was probably 50 or 55 degrees F) in sweater, scarf, and hat while the rest of us made do with T-shirts and lighter coverings. He’s acclimated to the REAL tropics in Burkina Faso and claims to be cold all the time.  Notice also Bill napping under our mango tree in the background. And to the left of Margo’s shoulder is the cooking area, where this is the daily scene:

The mountain of shima for lunch. Some of the bushes that make up the hedge (and also serve as a drying rack for laundry and a place to hang various pots) are piri-piri plants, so we get freshly-picked hot peppers to smash into the bland shima. It’s starting to feel like home here.

And the house is starting to look homey, too: end of Day Three:


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