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May 31, 2012

the zoo on our deck

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Years ago, I was speaking to a friend on the phone and told him I had to hang up because we were about to round up all the kids for an outing to the circus. Having heard the chaos in the background, he immediately said, “Why not just stay home?” Our three-ring craziness days are over at home, but we now enjoy a zoo right outside our kitchen sliding doors. Never mind the deer strolling around on our driveway and staring into the picture window in the front of the house (I think they like what the girls watch on TV); there are more exotic creatures skulking around in the back.

First, the birds.


This guy spent about a week fighting with his own reflection in every single window of the house. No sooner did I manage to chase him away from the laundry room than he appeared at the window over Bill’s desk, or at the window over the sink, or at the window near the pool table. I began to feel a bit like a character in a Hitchcock movie. Never did figure out exactly what kind of bird he was.

Then this huge hawk flew into the sliding door, perhaps trying to get at the guinea pigs on the other side:

ImageI waited for him to get over being stunned and fly away (all the juncos do) but after awhile I took pity on him (it was snowing) and set up a little tent and covered him with a heating pad:

ImageA couple of hours after impact we carefully transferred him to a box and took him to an animal rescue center, but I don’t think he made it through the night.

A warm-weather visitor was this relative of Punxsatawney Phil:

ImageAnd then we had a curious raccoon:

I have a great video of him coming right up to the deck door to stare at me while I recorded.

The only wild thing I didn’t get a photo of was the little black snake that curled up right inside the garage door the other day. No thicker than a pencil but about 14″ long, with a lovely diamond-shaped head and yellow-striped belly. I didn’t tell Phoebe about that one. She prefers to see animals at an actual zoo rather than with their noses pressed up against our windows as if WE are the ones in the cages.


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