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February 7, 2012

SOTU Bingo morphs into Superbowl Bingo

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Because I’m on the email list of the National Constitution Center (though I’ve never been there) I caught wind of a new way to watch the State of the Union address — play Bingo! They provided pre-printed cards:

But of course we made our own:

Phoebe was having none of it but we invited some friends over, used Skittles as markers, and all agreed that we paid much closer attention to the text than we otherwise would.

Fresh from that fun-fest, we expanded the concept for our next gathering: the Superbowl. Obviously single words would not do and we had to get creative with the cards, trying to strike a balance between events on the actual field (some people watch the game), occurrences in the ads (the whole point for those who don’t know from first downs), phrases the announcers might say, and happenings during halftime. Here are a few of our cards, before the game:

And here are a few of the after-the-fact cards, complete with guacamole and chili stains. We dispensed with the Skittles (most of us were eating them) and used highlighters:

And the winner was:

Next year I might even spring for some prizes.

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