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August 31, 2011

Hurricane Irene

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Lots has happened since my last post, disgracefully long ago. The biggest recent event was Irene, which may not have lived up to its billing in other parts of the east coast but was plenty scary/exciting on Marratooka Point. Here are some photos:

Before; everything stowed in boathouse

beaches empty

houses shuttered


During; Bill trying to get in the door after rescuing perishables from two other houses in compound

surf crashing on bulkhead of neighbor (2 hours before highest tide)

the road as a river, complete with electric lines dangling into puddles

docks underwater

and lake in backyard of neighborAfter; flotsam on beachseptic tanks unearthed

and perhaps the most depressing part–we parked our cars in a safe place close to the main road and away from trees, and they were both broken into

So apart from enjoying 3 days without power, we also had to deal with bailing out glove compartments and getting windows replaced before the next storm.

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