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November 13, 2010

and now the house gets love notes

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When retrieving our mail from the box the other day, we found this:

(Of course there were names and a phone number at the bottom.) I was used to house-envy when we lived across the river in the Stony Brook Lodge (we had to take the sign down because people used to stop and ask if there were vacancies); I lost count of how many people informed me that if we ever planned to move, we should contact them before listing with a broker. We also had real estate agents calling and ringing our doorbell out of the blue, asking if we would consider selling. But our current house is not much to look at from the street. Very little curb appeal, as the home stagers would say. Yes, it’s in a great location in the woods at the end of a short no-outlet road…which begs the question: who WERE those potential buyers putting a note in the box? A little Googling revealed that they live at least 5 miles away, so they were not just random dog-walkers. Perhaps friends of one of our neighbors? Or bikers who saw the house from the towpath across the canal?

Now when Margo and I drive around we play the love-note game, composing missives like “Please let us know if you ever want to dig up that gorgeous Japanese maple in your yard,” or “Any thoughts of offloading your perfectly serviceable gas grill when you upgrade to a new model?” or (my favorite), “This is such an attractive mailbox! But I see it’s been hit a few times by careless drivers. Want to relocate it to a quiet cul-de-sac?”



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