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June 30, 2010

the harvest season begins

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Christmas may never end (and though I did send most of our “holiday” greetings in late March every once in a while I think of someone I forgot, and off goes another–imagine the recipient’s surprise to get winter solstice greetings at the summer solstice!) but the jamming season HAS begun. The boys are experts at getting local berry places to offload all their seconds on us. Seriously, the employees get a kick out of guys asking for dead fruit. Here’s the result:

Dozens of jars of strawberry and strawberry-rhubarb. Some went to DC, some stayed at the beach, and some came home to vie for pantry space with the 26 jars left from the ’09 season:

And we have a new jam maker in the family!

When Elliot left the beach after a 2-week stay, his last official act was relieving Patty’s Berry Stand of its last LAST strawberries, and some early peaches already past their prime. These were bequeathed to me (he stopped at home to pick up Bill for the PA to DC leg and there was room only for fruit OR Dad). So I made peach with crystallized ginger:

Amazingly dark and cherry-colored but delicious.

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