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March 2, 2010

“I’m a real f***ing knitter now”

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When I tell people I have taught all 4 of my kids to knit but only two took to it, they assume I mean the girls. Nope. The locution “on the distaff side” meaning anything to do with women (because they were the ones holding the spinning tools) would have to be rewritten for this family. The opposite, the “spear” or “sword” side (these were actual terms used to describe lines of inheritance in Anglo-Saxon parlance) would also not apply to us, as Margo has been known to wield the occasional foil.

My “menfolk,” as my antiquated writing teacher called them, are as likely to pick up a sewing sharp or a crochet hook as we females. They know what a swift is. They can operate the Husqvarna. And after years of raiding my knitting supplies (which are, after all, seemingly endless), Elliot went on eBay, bought two sets of interchangeable needles, and had one sent directly to Evan, who then called to thank ME. After I set him straight about the donor, he left the above voicemail on Elliot’s cell.

Here’s Elliot wearing the hat he knitted in order to attend an Argyle Party:

A real f***ing knitter, no?


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  1. amazing bags, Nancy….my fingers really hurt when I learned to knit….I managed to do two school scarves and then I quit….maybe I will pick it up again…the argyle hat was stunning too.

    Comment by BK — June 18, 2010 @ 4:09 am | Reply

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