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October 20, 2009

mitered squares run amok

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It seems now that whenever I go to a yarn store, I shop only for 100% wool in sport or DK weight so I can make more bags. They’ve taken over from socks as my always-on-the-needles, no-directions-needed projects, even though they are a little more bulky to carry, what with 6 or 7 separate balls of wool and all. The original (see post of 5/28/09) still serves as my daily bag. The second (6/27/09) was donated to the Watershed’s Silent Auction Oct. 3 and got spirited bidding, finally going for $170.

IMG_0198Still a bargain, compared to the felted bags in the Gump’s catalog, designed by Sarah Oliver, which are ONE color, ONE stitch, probably not lined (with zipper pocket), and cost $295 or $325, depending on size. Those knitters actually made more than 25 cents an hour, I guess.

Bag #3 stalled because I ran out of the color I wanted to use at the top. It’s still on back order. I may rethink the color scheme.


Bag #4 is here, post-felting but pre-handle:


And bag #5, on the needles:


I don’t think I’ll ever go back to entrelac (see 5/13/09). Someone stop me.

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