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May 30, 2009

mediocre movie night

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During Bill’s latest trip (5 weeks’ odyssey across the country in our “new” 1979 diesel Mercedes) another tradition has emerged at our house. On Sunday nights we watch a movie from the library or Netflix. After a couple of these, Margo decided we should call it Mediocre Movie Night. The idea is to avoid anything too thought-provoking, too depressing, too hysterically funny…we just want to wind down after the weekend and slide back into Monday-to-Friday mode without high drama.

Often this becomes a game of Find the Fatal Flaw.  For Saving Sarah Cain it was: too earnest (I think this is a Michael Landon thing). For The Love Guru: too vulgar. For How to Deal: too contrived. I’m not sure Bill will agree to watch movies we know are not great just so we can find fault, but it’s actually instructive to discuss how the film-maker could have injected a little humor here, or taken a less predictable plot twist there, or given a certain character a shade more nuance. It’s a step up from the game we used  to play watching movies on the Disney channel, which involved listening to a few bars of the background music and saying the next line to be spoken before the actor got it out. Margo got incredibly good at it.


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