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December 10, 2006

terra cotta army in Rome

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We’ve become connoisseurs of audio guides. Some tell you too much, some too little. Some are well-integrated into the exhibits they cover, some seem to have no relation to what you are looking at. For us, they are primarily time-buyers, keeping the girls interested much longer than they would be if they had to read interpretive material in museums and galleries.

We saw a great exhibit of the life-sized terra cotta warriors unearthed from the mausoleum of Qin Shu Huangdi; the audio info made us suitably impressed by the size of the original installation, the scope of the archeological discovery, and the sheer numbers involved. It is truly awesome. I only wish I had known at the time about the German student, Pablo Wendel, who was so obsessed with the warriors that he impersonated one in September. He made himself a costume, jumped into the pit, and took up his pose, escaping detection for somewhere between two and ten minutes (news reports differ) before being carried out (still in pose) by the Chinese police.

This makes the “living statues” in the Plaza Mayor (many Don Quixotes) and Piazza Navona (Romans seem to favor gold-lame Cleopatra get-ups) seem like wimps. How many of them have donned chain mail and shoes made of old car tires, and subjected themselves to “reeducation” by totalitarian regimes?


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