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September 8, 2006

yard maintenance part 2

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Over Bill’s objections, I started composting in the front “yard,” in a little trough of soil that forms part of the wall we share with our westerly neighbor. It pained me to thrown out good rottable vegetable scraps, and it was amusing to open the kitchen window and let fly the occasional carrot peel, though when the boys got wind of that option they went a little overboard in the garbage-hurling department. Past-prime tomatoes, especially, made a very satisfying thwack on the wall before dribbling down into the dirt. I was planning to plant some tall flowers or a climbing vine to hide the ugly concrete (and the telltale reddish stains), but before I got around to it we had a volunteer spring up. Margo named it UHS (unidentified huge squash), measuring and recording its progress daily as it took over half the area between the front of the house and the street. We guessed it might be zucchini or butternut.

While we were gone it doubled in size and produced two adorable pumpkins, but when Miguel Angel (the landlord) saw it he shook his head disapprovingly and said, “This is not a farm here.” So much for our anything-goes-in-our-own-private-compound attitude. I trimmed it back severely so that we regained access to the garbage and recycling cans. But still I think composting here is a win-win thing; there are no bugs to speak of, it doesn’t attract rodents, and now we won’t have to search from store to store and pay top Euro for our Halloween pumpkins.

Now if the volunteer avocado will bear fruit…


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