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September 7, 2006

yard maintenance

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It’s a good thing our neighborhood association doesn’t care what goes on within the walls around our yard and patio. We are free to grill with charcoal or propane, or indeed to set up a campfire and burn scrap lumber if we choose. There’s plenty of it on the sidewalks near here as the ubiquitous construction projects are creeping closer and closer. The light-rail system being built one block away hasn’t shown much progress in our two-month absence. And now crews are digging up several blocks on the other side of our house. We awaken at 8 AM to the sound of jackhammers and drive to school on ever-more-creative routes to avoid barricades, cement trucks, and pavement that rocks alarmingly under the tires.

We are also free to let the grass get to an outrageous length before cutting it with our plug-in mower. I think Bill has mowed the tiny lawn only once or twice, as has Elliot…we’re talking about 200 square feet of greenery at most, and a species of grass that manages incremental growth only if we remember to water it occasionally. It makes me laugh that our easterly neighbors have a lawn service (“mow, blow, and go” as we say in the States) since there is so little to do. Although now that our sprinkler system, broken these past 10 months, is back in operation, we may have more growth than we anticipate. We’ll become weekend lawn slaves, hire it done, or just let it get waist-high.


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