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September 5, 2006

the summer’s gains and losses

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Mostly we’ve lost Spanish proficiency. Aside from a few opportunities to practice at the Mattituck Laundromat and the Spanish Consulate, we didn’t use the little we had learned. It’s coming back slowly but we really need to resume instruction. Evan, on the other hand, spent 6 weeks in Peru teaching Spanish to 5-year-olds and upon returning to George School, found that both Spanish 4 and Spanish 5 were too easy. And Elliot has three of this term’s courses taught in Spanish. So if we want to catch up with the boys we have to get on it.

And what we’ve acquired this summer: random toiletries, various books, a couple of inflatable pool toys (but the pool closes the 10th), and best of all, a gas grill. This was donated by the Smith family, who were here courtesy of the Navy (the Defense Language Institute) and lived in a gorgeous apartment overlooking El Pardo—they joked that their closest neighbor was the king—but were told after cooking a few meals on their capacious terrace that the complex did not allow outdoor grilling. Dogs barking at all hours of the night and defecating everywhere, yes—grilling, no. It’s a quality of life issue.


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