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June 20, 2006

beisbol fever

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Last Saturday was the end of the Madrid League baseball season. Evan played with the Cardinals, a 12-and-up team. You can imagine the range of sizes represented, with Evan at about 6’2” and some sixth graders barely coming up to his waist: a challenge for the pitchers trying to find the strike zone. Most of the games were at home (ASM) given that there is only one other baseball diamond in all of greater Madrid area, in Rivas. (We are northwest of the city and Rivas is southeast, as far as you can go on the M-40 ring road.)

Watching the games became a family event; the girls liked to work in the snack bar selling hot dogs, pizza slices, soda, and American candy, and earning €3 per game. But by mid-season, the league was running out of balls and offered a €2 reward for the retrieval of any pop-up foul that exited the field. Margo was right on it, climbing to heart-attack-inducing heights over the prison-like walls instead of walking the long way around the building to use the gate. She had a good income for a while, until one attempted ball collection involved a hornets’ nest and she got stung four times. She’s glad the season is over.


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