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May 26, 2006

futbol fever

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While I was in Ibiza, the Barcelona team won the European championship game against Arsenal of the UK…and not only was everyone watching, but many were celebrating by lighting firecrackers after each goal (including the one that ended up not counting because in the moments leading up to it the Arsenal goalie grabbed the ankle of the Barça player, thereby stopping the play and getting ejected from the game) and whooping and hollering. It was abundantly clear that the Balearic residents consider themselves part of Catalunya.

I don’t think the Madrileños felt quite the same pride, though of course most of them rooted against Arsenal, if not for Barça. Everybody just loves to watch Ronaldhino play. He is now the most highly-compensated player in terms of endorsements (having recently overtaken Beckham) so we see his horsey face everywhere, smilingly offering a stick of Trident to a pretty girl, or eagerly about to taste a spoonful of yogurt.

In this household, we are poised to root for Brazil (since Ronaldhino will be playing for his home country) in the World Cup next month. I’m looking forward to hearing national anthems played, as in the Olympics, and seeing post-game interviews in which no one gives credit to Jesus.


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