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April 25, 2006

familia numerosa

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Shopping for our huge houseful last week renewed my homesickness for buying in bulk. The local version of “tamaño familiar” (family-size) just doesn’t do it for us. For example, a family-size tub of cream cheese is 250 g. and lasts about a day at our rate of bagel consumption. Of course Spanish families are very small…the birth rate is just about the lowest in Europe and far below replacement rate, so if it were not for immigration (the highest rate in the EU) the population would be falling.

The government has tried to address this by offering some financial incentives, including a “familia numerosa” designation for people with three or more children. This gets you a sizable discount on tickets for the zoo, municipally-sponsored events, and other attractions. We tried to apply—in fact, we qualify not for the “general” category (3 or more) but for the “especial” (4 or more, if at least 3 proceeded from birth, adoption, or “acogimiento multiples,” which I think means a foster care situation)—but were unsuccessful because…we don’t have visas. Oh well.


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  1. tell me about it!!
    Most of the time we buy in bulk, because everything that comes for “bigs familiys” its about six persons, including parents!!

    Comment by sarah191204 — March 12, 2009 @ 10:27 pm | Reply

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