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April 22, 2006

Easter itself

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Easter in the US, like many holidays, has turned into a huge candy festival, what with the ubiquitous bunnies and eggs, jelly beans, and M and M’s and Skittles in pastel colors especially marketed for the season. Not here. No chocolate, no ham, no lamb–in fact, what you eat during Semana Santa seems of little importance, unlike at Christmas, when it is de rigueur to have huge shellfish feasts and lots of turron (nougat).

So our Easter morning observance consisted entirely of having baskets (actually square rattan containers with lids I found in a shop in Segovia the day before) with actual grass (no fake stuff sold here) and a few chocolate eggs. I boiled some eggs but we didn’t end up dyeing them—we just ate them. In Spain hard-boiled eggs come with almost every salad you order.

In the afternoon we went off to see the Egyptian art exhibit, accompanied by our own personal Egyptologist, Vicki Solia. It was fabulous; great pieces, well displayed (though not organized chronologically), and not too crowded. Phoebe tolerated it, having already been there on a field trip, and Margo loved it. The boys stayed home, ostensibly to do schoolwork for the next day.


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