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April 5, 2006

end of car story (we hope)

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Monday, 9 days after the clutch failure, I went back to the garage in Boadilla and signed the estimate for the work, the amount of which didn’t shock me because I am used to $42 an hour for labor in the US. I was told that the car might be ready by Thursday…then on Tuesday evening it was finished. Pablo (our neighborhood rental man) drove me there and interpreted for me: the good news is that I got a 5% discount because of my previously useless Repsol card, and the bad news is that the battery had been disconnected and now the radio won’t work until we reset it with a security code known only to the manufacturer of the unit. We certainly didn’t get a card with a number on it when we bought the car. But at least in my search I did find a booklet explaining the radio, so if we ever get it working we will be able to choose stations and not be at the mercy of the FM demon.

Now I actually miss the little blue Opal I had been driving, whose only flaw was a rear license plate (la matricula) that hung at a rakish angle. A neighbor who otherwise has not acknowledged our existence made a special point of coming across the street to make this known to me, as did several drivers, including one behind me at a red light, who got out and tapped on my window. Elliot suggested I put a sign on it that said, “Yo se” (I know), but instead I actually glued it in place. Too bad the transmission took more than an application of Elmer’s.


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