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March 31, 2006

car headaches continued

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Well, almost a week has gone by and we are still in Spanish-bureaucracy limbo with the car. Of course, nothing at all happened on Sunday. Bill had to take a cab to the airport to fly to Seattle and I had to take Phoebe to school in a cab Monday morning. By Monday evening we had determined that the car was still in Cabezuela—the representative of the insurance company said it was slated to be taken to a repair place in Boadilla (near here) “probably Wednesday or Thursday” because they were waiting for a full truckload before moving it–so we rented a car.

Wednesday I called the insurance company to request that the car be taken to a different garage –the one that had checked out the mechanics before purchase and had given us a guarantee. Oh, he said, the car was moved to Boadilla Monday evening. So I called the workshop in Boadilla…no, the car wasn’t there. I began to panic. Where was my car?? Lydia, Miguel Angel, and Pablo (the nice fellow who brought the rental car to us) were all making phone calls on my behalf, and none of them could get any answers either.

Today (Friday) it has been determined that the car made it to Boadilla. I am not insisting that it be moved to the other garage because that would just be an opportunity for it to go missing for another five days. I now have to go to the workshop and sign some papers before they will even look at the problem. But of course I can’t arrive between 2 and 4—siesta. Oy.


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