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January 20, 2006

where is Sam’s Club when we need it?

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Keeping enough food in the house continues to be a challenge, especially now that Elliot is here and we are feeding two ever-hungry large young men. If they would only stop burning all those calories at basketball and gym workouts! We have outgrown our local food stores, though they are fine for last-minute purchases on foot, and have gone to weekly stock-ups at Hipercor (10 minutes away) and Carrefour (20 minutes away). Each of these is way too big and chaotic for my taste, and full of inconveniences like produce that has to be weighed before you leave the produce department (remember those days before every checkout counter in the US incorporated a scale?) and deli-style take-a-number queues at the bakery department, the marisco counter (shellfish), the pescado counter (fish), the butcher, and the embutidos counter (sausage, jamon, etc.). Before Christmas, when absolutely everybody had to have shrimp and scallops and razor clams for the Nochebuena feast, it was not uncommon to wait for half an hour to have seafood wrapped and priced.

But there are consolations. Each store has a well-stocked and reasonably-priced wine department, where I usually leave Bill while I am off in a futile search for barley or tofu or food coloring. And then there are our favorite local brands, like Bimbo bread (similar to Wonder bread) with its “pan de molde” label— meaning not fuzzy and green, but in square slices. We also like Globs cereal, Colon laundry soap, and Fairy dish detergent. We’ve taken to dragging houseguests along to the store just for the entertainment value of reading the labels.


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