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January 2, 2006

New Year’s

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The rest of the week between Christmas and New Year’s was spent doing last-minute shopping and Madrid activities with all our guests and then saying goodbye; Chris, Michelle, Ella, Dylan, and Monica all left on the 30th…we were feeling very lonely for a day and a half, until the arrival of Gail Ferris and Veronica on New Year’s Day. Though their plane got in at 9:30 AM, we had had a quiet New Year’s Eve so it wasn’t a hardship to get up and get to the airport.

Elliot went to the city to meet friends and join the throng at Puerto del Sol, the local equivalent of Times Square, complete with a falling light-up ball, and the rest of us stayed home and watched it on TV, with Phoebe saying “There’s Elliot!” every minute and a half. At the strokes of 12 we each ate our grapes (one for each bong)…I had cheated and picked out the smallest ones, which Bill told me meant I wouldn’t have as much good luck in 2006 as he would. The girls attempted to take the seeds out first to speed up their consumption. Then we opened champagne, delighting the kids by firing the cork out the 2nd-story window, and Bill even lit a firecracker right there in the TV room.


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