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December 28, 2005

Boxing Day travel en masse

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After debating about destinations…take the whole troupe to Leon, where Michelle had lived for a year?…we determined to go south. Left in caravan at the crack of noon (actually 1 PM) headed for Granada. Phoebe rode in the rental car to help Chris and Michelle entertain the kids. We stopped for a longish lunch at a roadside joint, and because of some fog and rain ended up crossing the Sierra Nevada at dusk, which was not much fun. Arrived around 7:30 and had a minimum of the “aimless wandering in an unfamiliar city” syndrome because Michelle could actually ask for directions en Espanol and—wonder of wonders—understand the replies. So we took only a few false turns; at one point Michelle stopped in the middle of a street, and Chris came back to our car, leaned in the window, and asked, “How does your car do on stairs?”

The Hostal Atenas was not the best or worst we have stayed in. We had booked two doubles and two triples for the 11 of us (Monica, Bill’s niece, is also with us) and found the bigger rooms had five beds and the smaller rooms, three. Of course, the fire marshall only knows what is written on the official notices on the doors—maximum of three in the big rooms, two in the small. Right. Anyway, it was a good central location and we wandered off to Café Sevilla, recommended by the desk staff and by one of our guidebooks, for a very good meal.


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