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December 27, 2005


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Thanks to the wonders of jet lag, no one was up at Calle Urano 4 until 9 AM! Most of the kids straggled out of bed around 10, and we woke up the teenagers and began the great present-opening orgy shortly thereafter. Then a feast of pancakes, lots of playing with new toys, some pie-baking (a cinch since I had scouted out all the ingredients a month ago for Thanksgiving), and a walk to Opencor, the only market that stays open from 8 AM to 2 or 3 AM every day…and bakes bread on the premises.

At 4:00 a party of five ventured into the city—absolutely no traffic for once–for a performance of Pedro Y el Lobo (Peter and the Wolf) we had read about in the Herald Tribune. It was a chamber orchestra accompanied by some very imaginative puppets, the conductor narrating the story and clowning around, and much loud enthusiastic audience participation. Ella and Margo loved it. Ella probably understood more of the Spanish than the rest of us.

Afterward we spent some time in the Plaza Colon, where there was a carousel and other carnival-type activities (these are set up in most towns…a smaller, winter version of the autumn harvest festivals) and then drove home, where the rest of the multitude had been busy cooking the turkey, peeling the potatoes, and rolling up sushi for appetizers. We had a fine dinner and managed to stay up until almost midnight.


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