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December 5, 2005

across the straits of Gibraltar

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We’re about to leave the country for the first time since our arrival, which should be interesting since our tourist visas officially expired this past week. We’ve been calling the Consulate in NYC about once a week for never-changing updates: the kids’ student visas are there, waiting to be picked up, and Bill’s and mine, the so-called “non-lucrative” visas which I have come to doubt actually exist except on the website…are still in limbo. Elliot has gone to Rome and Geneva this week, with an expired tourist visa, and I sure hope he will be able to come back to Madrid on the 6th. In theory, since he will then join us in Morocco, all 6 of us will be able to come back in on new 3-month tourist visas. We’ll see.

It’s another “Puente” mini-holiday. The schools are closed Tuesday the 6th for Constitution Day, Thursday the 8th for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and Friday the 9th for the convenience of families wanting to take long weekends. We are taking an overnight train to Algeciras, with our newly-christened Platypus (that’s the car) on board with us, and then embarking on a 90-minute ferry to Tangiers. Thence we will drive to Fez, Meknes, and perhaps a couple of destinations on the Atlantic coast, though probably not as far south as Marrakesh or Casablanca. I haven’t been to Morocco since 1972 so I am very excited.


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