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November 28, 2005

Turkey Day

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We had Thanksgiving Observed last Wednesday night with a very Spanish dinner hour of 10:30. The grand total was 17…6 of us, the 3 Bucks, 7 friends of Elliot’s from SLU, and one high school senior from Wisconsin doing a year abroad near here—so there were 11 ravenous teenagers homesick for turkey and apple pie. I cooked two turkeys, four pies (two apple, one pumpkin, one pecan), five kilos of mashed potatoes, broccoli, stuffing. It was a challenge finding some of the ingredients but the Taste of America store came through with cranberry sauce, and Crisco for the pie crust. I cooked a pumpkin for the pie and found a recipe that didn’t call for evaporated milk, then found evaporated milk after all. Also found a pecan pie recipe that didn’t call for Karo syrup, since it is basically just sugar syrup and didn’t seem worth buying for one use.

The butcher thought Bill was crazy bringing home two entire turkeys (each about 5.2 kilos) since they only sell parts normally. And the birds were clearly not mass-produced monsters injected with self-basting fats. They were somewhat scrawny and had the remnants of feathers sticking out. But the meat was delicious! Our oven is so small everything had to be roasted/baked sequentially. I even ended up doing only one pie at a time. A lot of work but all worth it. A great feast, and enough leftovers for sandwiches and soup.


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