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November 8, 2005

we have an injury

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Another week with a Festa right in the middle of it…these religious holidays come thick and fast in the fall. The kids haven’t had a five-day week since late September. But it is good timing for Evan, who fell during basketball practice yesterday and sprained his ankle, which swelled up horribly and necessitated a trip to Madrid for doctor appointment and X-rays today. Nothing serious, but he is wearing a splint with cold gel inserts, on top of one of those elastic sock things up to his knee. And using crutches. No basketball for a while. Now we will see how good the insurance policy required by ASM really is.

We’re stocking up on movies for his time off his feet…after spending some futile hours trying to figure out which of the local video stores had a more convenient schedule for us (they tend to be open 10 to 1:30, then 4:30 to 8…except Friday it’s til 10, Saturday not open til noon, Sunday only evening hours, and Festa your guess is as good as mine) we discovered that the very closest one has a 24-hour computerized system. We can get movies out, return them, add money to our account, and never set foot in the store at all. I like this…but I try to go at odd times so there are no other customers waiting behind me as I take extra time deciphering the long lists of Spanish titles. I may break down and go into the store occasionally to look at the boxes for visual cues. So far no mistakes.


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