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October 26, 2005

views from pozuelo

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After so many days of rain and cloudiness, it was gratifying that the sun came out Sunday for the ASM Halloween Festival…and reminded us all that we really do love the weather here. It was dry and warm and the Guardarama mountains again appeared on the northeastern horizon. When we walk to school using the most direct route over the hill, we can see the mountains on our left and the skyline of Madrid ahead of us to the east. It is not the prettiest city in Spain, and the building that stands out the most is a big black hulking thing that looks to me like a drawbridge on steroids stuck in the open position, but for some reason the madrilenos have adopted it as the symbol of the city…on the TV news it appears behind the anchorwoman.

Our walks over the hill have become fewer, though…partly because it’s hard to get the kids up early enough to walk in the dark morning hours before the clocks go back, and partly because there is a huge construction project on the street that crosses ours and we have to walk around it now. Communidad de Madrid used to be a nice divided boulevard with islands full of huge rosemary and lavendar bushes, but now one lane snakes through in each direction while the center, fenced off, is full of cranes and cement mixers and rubble. They’re building a light rail system that will connect all the suburbs west of the city to each other. So ultimately we will have little trolley-like trains running through the middle of the street. I’m looking forward to that. I only wish it would connect to the Circania so we wouldn’t have to walk ten minutes to the Aravaca station to go to the city.


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