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October 25, 2005

Wallace and Gromit in VO

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We ventured into the city last Friday evening for our first movie outing. Having learned that a car in Madrid dooms you to hours of aimless circling for parking, we drove to the local train station and hopped on a train (15 minutes to center city) and then a Metro (three stops to the theater). Of course we didn’t hatch this plan until 9:00 so we were going for the last showing of Wallace and Gromit, at 10, at the only theater that was showing it in “Version Original,” that is, English with Spanish subtitles. We called Elliot from the train and he met us at the theater. We were 20 minutes late but only missed the short.

The movie was great and the subtitles taught us the Spanish name for every vegetable ever invented. But we hadn’t taken into account that the Cercania (our train) stops running at 11:30…so we took the Metro to Moncloa, an area in the north of the city where we knew we could get a night bus to Pozuelo. After battling crowds of thousands of teenagers (I am not exaggerating), who convene on weekend nights in the park near Moncloa to drink, we found what seemed like the only bus to our area, at 12:30. Unfortunately it did not go to our part of Pozuelo, let alone to the train station where we had left the car. So after watching all the other passengers get off, we finally asked the driver where the hell we were. Oops. About 6 km from our house. We got off and started the hike…telling the girls that this was Spanish boot camp…no dinner (we hadn’t had time) and a hike at 1:30 AM. They took it surprisingly well. After about 2/3 of the trek, a taxi showed up, and Bill took the girls to the car and then came back to collect Evan and me.

Next time, an earlier showing…or we bite the bullet and take two cabs (they won’t take more than three passengers) back home.


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