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October 24, 2005


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We had “Halloween observed” this past weekend…trick or treating organized by some of the American families at ASM in a neighborhood in Humera, about five minutes’ drive from here, on Saturday, and a huge Halloween Festival at ASM on Sunday afternoon. It was just enough for me. We had to be low-key about costumes since I don’t have my closets full of fabrics and other crafts supplies, so I wasn’t obliged to spend hours creating elaborate outfits. Margo was a skier, wearing her helmet, goggles, and heavy clothing, and carrying poles. Phoebe was a prom queen, all in white with an “updo” (the most time-consuming part of the prep) and some lipstick. Very simple.

After an hour and a half of trekking around in the rain Margo pronounced it the worst Halloween ever—her costume was hot and annoying, she was told there was a haunted house at one place and walked into a room where people were watching TV (I think it was one little girl’s idea of a Halloween trick) so she was very embarrassed, AND she only got 45 pieces of candy. But once we got home and she and Phoebe sorted, counted, and traded, she cheered up.

The interesting part for Bill and me was seeing how the other half lives up in the hills of Humera. There were about 20 families taking part, and each house seemed more well-appointed than the last…swimming pools, tennis courts, incredibly labor-intensive gardens, and in some cases, faithful household retainers giving out the candy! While they were amazing to look at and I hope we get invited to some dinner parties up there, I was happy to return to our humble “chalet adosado” (half a townhouse) in a neighborhood where we actually converse with Spanish neighbors and walk to the grocery store, the video store, the train station, our favorite restaurants, and school.

I did enjoy peeking into everyone’s garden…I even caught a glimpse of some Montauk daisies, which made me miss October at Mattituck.


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