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October 17, 2005

first dinner party

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We managed our first dinner party last Friday…invited everyone at 8:30, a most un-Spanish hour, but they arrived at 9:15, a most Spanish hour. Fed them lots of hors d’oeuvres that I often make for parties in the US…devilled eggs (everyone loves them; no one makes them anymore), artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms, fabulous local melon and popular (but not to my taste) local prosciutto. By the time I got the buffet ready with the mounds of chicken in mustard sauce, even higher mounds of garlic-roasted potatoes, and buckets of salad (I had forgotten the boys weren’t coming), no one was hungry anymore, but they valiantly did their best, and when the Haagen Dazs and chocolate chip cookies rolled around, they really went to town.

The guests were our landlord, his wife, his younger brother and girlfriend, and a family from Victoria, BC, who hosted Leire, the brother’s daughter, last summer. (Leire was sick and couldn’t come.) In a mixture of Spanish and English, we had great conversation and traded lots of Bush jokes. My favorite was told by Rachel, the 12-year-old Canadian:

George Bush is told in a military briefing that two Brazilian soldiers have died in Iraq. With a look of great concern on his face, he turns to an aide and whispers, “I forget…just how many is a brazillion?”


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