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October 14, 2005


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Actually Bill does all the laundry and has dubbed himself Don Limpio after the bald guy on the bottle of cleaning product we’re all familiar with. I think a better translation than Mr. Clean is Sir Clean…maybe we should begin to address him using the formal Usted. The washer is in the kitchen and the dryer…the great outdoors. Everyone hasa clever expanding rack on the patio or balcony and ours is usually full of clothes. For the first five weeks this was fine and the things dried in record time. Then it started to rain, and we’ve had showers for five straight days with five more predicted. Evan’s two batches have gotten wet over and over, making it hard for him to pack for his trip with Elliot this weekend. I think we’re moving the rack to the garage today.

Bill keeps reminding me, as dirty clothes fill up all three hampers and one kitchen cabinet, that we all have plenty of things to wear and we don’t HAVE to do laundry every day. I keep looking longingly at the flyers that are delivered every day advertising appliances, including a secadora for only 330 Euros. But until we actually buy a car, a process we have found much more complicated than it should be and which will be the subject of a future journal posting, I think the garage is it.



  1. From Sarah – drying your clothes

    Hey guys —
    I’m not sure if you read these comments, but I feel for your drying clothing outside when it’s raining problem. It rained for about a month in italy and we became quite creative. Our bedrooms and hallways became a jungle of clothes. What I found worked best was to hang them a) in the house somewhere. Garage will work, but it’s probably still damp out there. The house is a little dryer and warmer. and b) by the radiators (at least if you have them. or by the heat source in our house). Granted you are washing 5 people’s clothes, not one persons, so there’s more clothing, but setting the rack (smaller, in-house drying rack) right near a radiator, or running line from window frame to window frame above radiators made my clothes dry very nicely and in a timely fashion. I got so used to this method that when I returned to the states, i still ran clothes line across my room and hung dried my clothes for a long time. good luck, and may dry clothes find you.

    Comment by Anonymous — October 16, 2005 @ 12:10 am | Reply

  2. laundry

    Years ago, when I worked in Germany and Switzerland, we used the attic to dry clothes. That’s only possible if you an attic, though….

    Comment by Anonymous — October 25, 2005 @ 7:20 pm | Reply

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